Tamuning, Guam (Wednesday June 3, 2020)- Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, GTA remains committed to deploying resources to assist our community in need. On May 18th, the local telecom had deployed a team to install free Wi-Fi services to keep sailors from the USS Theodore Roosevelt connected while at a quarantine facility.   

Roland Certeza, GTA President and CEO, says, "Our military troops play an important role in keeping our island and country protected. “  

During this pandemic, GTA continues to be a local partner in our community. Throughout the pandemic, GTA reached out to various community groups and organizations to see how they could assist during times of need.    

“Though we are also feeling impacts of the pandemic, we continue to lend a helping hand to ensure families can navigate through this.  In this case, we want to connect our sailors with their loved ones who may be far away,” states Certeza.   

In addition to providing Wi-Fi at the quarantine facility, GTA also gave 7-day prepaid cards and waived all SIM activation fees.    

The free Wi-Fi to benefit sailors from the USS Theodore Roosevelt is just one of many initiatives GTA is providing to help others.  In March, the company launched its Team Up for Guam philanthropic initiative to help during the pandemic.    

Contributions to date include: feeding frontline workers and first responders, assisting the University of Guam by providing smartphones and free service for students participating in distance learning, donating iPads to keep COVID-19 patients in isolation connected to loved ones, giving smartphones to GRMC to help patients communicate with their families, and feeding thousands of families during this pandemic through donations to four non-profit groups.