On Friday, May 15, GTA joined several local businesses and government agencies to launch Going Online Together - a collaboration aimed at transforming island consumers' behavior by promoting the use of online and digital solutions during this global pandemic.

Going Online Together brings together several familiar brands into one voice, promoting alternative solutions to the traditional in-branch, in-store transactions. This initiative extends far beyond convenience but focuses on the health, well-being, and safety of the island's manåmko', sick and families, as well as each other. 

“At the onset of the pandemic, we foresaw a need for our customers to continue their normal transactions without leaving their homes. We joined Going Online Together to support our community at large to adopt a safer, more convenient way to take care of their needs. Join us by going online to pay your bills (epay.gta.net), chat, or preorder products.”

-Roland Certeza, president, GTA.

Other local businesses joining the movement include the Bank of Guam, Coast 360, Community First, Docomo Pacific, IT&E, Guam Daily Post, Guam Power Authority, Guam Waterworks Authority, and REV Web Development.