Tamuning, Guam - GTA celebrates a new era of island digital life by opening a GTA Experience Center at the Camacho Landmark Center in Tamuning and launching a new brand showcasing the values that define GTA.

GTA’s long history of providing telecommunications for our island community will continue to thrive as we bring new digital products and services focused on being the island’s most reliable, vibrant and leading-edge company.

We are focused on our island’s needs and bringing to Guam a new brand promise—"We start with you". GTA is proud to be the oldest telecommunications company rooted in the island’s rich history and committed to ensuring our beautiful island continues to modernize and grow responsibly into a vibrant digital future.

We have connected families and businesses around the island and around the world for over 60 years, with no plans on slowing down.

As the coconut tree (Trongkon Niyok) was the lifeline for our ancestor’s livelihood, it is symbolic of GTA’s digital communication infrastructure as the digital lifeline between our island and the world.