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Getting your hands on the latest technology in one simple step

It's easy. Simply present your current smartphone to any GTA store at any time for a credit of up to $675 on a new device.  All we need is your phone, battery, and battery cover.

Can my phone be traded in?

Please see below for a full list of qualify phones and prices. 


Trade-in value

iPhone 7 32GB


iPhone 7 128GB


iPhone 7 256GB


iPhone 7 Plus 32GB


iPhone 7 Plus 128GB


iPhone 7 Plus 256GB


iPhone 8 64GB


iPhone 8 128GB


iPhone 8 256GB


iPhone 8 Plus 64GB


iPhone 8 Plus 128GB


iPhone 8 Plus 256GB


iPhone Xr 64GB


iPhone Xr 128GB


iPhone Xr 256GB


iPhone Xs 64GB


iPhone Xs 256GB


iPhone Xs 512GB


iPhone Xs Max 64GB


iPhone Xs Max 256GB


iPhone Xs Max 512GB


iPhone 11 64GB


iPhone 11 128GB


iPhone 11 256GB


iPhone 11 Pro 64GB


iPhone 11 Pro 256GB


iPhone 11 Pro 512GB


iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB


iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB


iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB


iPhone 12 Mini 64GB


iPhone 12 Mini 128GB


iPhone 12 Mini 256GB


iPhone 12 64GB


iPhone 12 128GB


iPhone 12 Pro 128GB


iPhone 12 Pro 256GB


iPhone 12 Pro 512GB


iPhone 12 Pro Max 128GB


iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB


iPhone 12 Pro Max 512GB


iPhone 13 mini 64GB


iPhone 13 mini 128GB


iPhone 13 mini 256GB


iPhone 13 64GB


iPhone 13 128GB


iPhone 13 256GB


iPhone 13 Pro 128GB


iPhone 13 Pro 256GB


iPhone 13 Pro 512GB


iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB


iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB


iPhone 13 Pro Max 512GB


Samsung A12 32GB


Samsung A12 64GB


Samsung A12 128GB


Samsung A11


Samsung A21


Samsung A01


Samsung S10e 128GB


Samsung S10 128GB


Samsung S10 Plus 128GB


Samsung S20 128GB


Samsung S20+ 256GB


Samsung S20 Ultra 256GB


Samsung S21 128GB


Samsung S21+ 256GB


Samsung S21 Ultra 256GB


Samsung Note 9


Note 10 256GB


Note 10+ 256GB


Note 10+ 512GB


Note 20 256GB


Note 20 Ultra 256GB


Galaxy Z Fold 3


Galaxy Z Flip 3


Google Pixel 4


Google Pixel 4 XL



Let's get you a new phone

Browse our wide range of phones including Apple and Samsung devices to find your new handset. 


Trade-in FAQs

What will you look at to determine the value/condition of my smartphone?

We will check whether the device is 100% functional, the phone powers on, the touch screen is functional, the screen and body are not cracked, there are no signs of liquid damage, and the phone is not locked.

Are all smartphones eligible for trade in?

No. Refer to the list on this page for eligible Smartphones and maximum trade in values.

Can I transfer my trade-in certificate to someone else?

The trade-in value you receive is non-transferable and has zero cash value.

Can I use my trade-in value at any time?

The trade-in value can only be applied at the time of trade in. Trade in values will no longer be applicable once you leave the store.

Once I have traded in my old smartphone, is it possible to get it back?

All trades are final. The phone cannot be returned to you at any time after it has been traded in.

Can I trade in my smartphone at any time?

If you are an existing GTA customer, you can trade in your smartphone at anytime.

Do I have to sign up for a new contract when I trade in my old smartphone?

Yes, a new contract term is required if you are upgrading to a new subsidized smartphone. However, if you are switching to HPO, you do not need to sign a contract.

How long does the trade in estimate last?

The value of a phone diminishes over time, so estimates change frequently. To get the most value out of your phone, visit GTA today.

Do I need to include the smartphone charger or accessories?

No. Only the phone, battery and battery cover are required.

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