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Flexible ways to keep in touch with GTA Pop-Up Prepaid Plans

You don't have to worry about annual contracts or deposits with the GTA Prepaid Plan service.

Lowest data rates for blazing fast LTE data​

No long-distance surcharge to the U.S. Mainland and the CNMI​

More convenient ways to add load​

No contracts

No credit checks​

Automatic payments​

Plans that suit your lifestyle

Not the commitment type? Choose a daily or monthly plan that fits your style, with automatic payments and convenient load options. 

Unlimited plans

1 day


Local calls and text

Domestic calls and text

CNMI calls and text

5 days + 1 day FREE


Local calls and text

Domestic calls and text

CNMI calls and text

15 days + 2 days FREE


Local calls and text

Domestic calls and text

CNMI calls and text

Other Plans

PAY AS YOU GO $2.00 Per Day $25.00 Per Month
20¢ / per minute Unlimited Local calls 250 minutes Local calls
4¢/ per local text Unlimited Local texts Unlimited Local texts
5¢/ per U.S.A. text 5¢/ per U.S.A. texts 500 MB data
10¢/ per MB data 10¢/ per MB data  


Data Add-on Packages

$3.00 $5.00 $10.00  $15.00
1GB Data 3GB Data 5GB Data 10GB Data

Top your Data in 3 Easy Steps!

STEP 1: Activating SIM

For new and current Customers:
Dial *488# and press SEND

STEP 2: Set up PIN to access Prepaid Portal

  • Press 4
  • Enter a four-digit PIN
  • Hit confirm

STEP 3: Visit

  • Enter your phone number
  • Enter your four-digit PIN
  • Hit confirm

Visit My Prepaid

After usage is consumed, pay per use rates apply.

Service Rate
Daytime Minutes
(Local & U.S.A.)
Nights & Weekends
(Local & U.S.A.)
Local Texts 4¢/ea
U.S.A. Texts 5¢/ea
Data 10¢/MB


International Text Rates

Destination Rate
Philippines 6¢/each
International 15¢/each


International Long Distance Rates​

Enjoy low LD rates when calling these International countries! 

Destination Rate
Philippines $0.15/min
Japan $0.05/min
China $0.04/min
Indonesia $0.19/min
FSM $0.30/min
Thailand $0.12/min
S. Korea $0.10/min
Hong Kong $0.04/min
Singapore $0.06/min
Taiwan $0.06/min

Airtime charges do not apply

More ways to load!​

Save the trip and load online! Simply click the button below to be redirected to our partner's prepaid top-up page.​

Load here

Prepaid Mobile Instructions

Check balance:

  • Dial *488# (SEND) 
  • Select 1 from the pop-up menu


  • Dial *55 (SEND)
  • Follow the voice prompts.

Add load:

  • Dial *488# (SEND)  
  • Select 2 from the pop-up menu


  • Dial *55 (SEND) 
  • Follow the voice prompts

Change plans:

  • Dial *488# (SEND) 
  • Select 3 from the pop-up menu


  • Dial *55 (SEND) 
  • Follow the voice prompts

Check voicemail:

  • Dial 488-0000
  • Enter temporary password 9999 
  • Follow voice prompts.

Prepaid FAQs

Can I change my Prepaid Plan at any time?

Absolutely! You have the flexibility and freedom to switch plans at anytime.

Can I roam with Prepaid?

No. GTA Prepaid services are only supported on Guam.

Are domestic calls included in the GTA Prepaid daily or monthly plans?

Yes. Domestic calling is included in the plan should you call the United States.

Is Alaska, Hawaii, and the CNMI considered a domestic call?

Yes, Alaska, Hawaii, and the CNMI are considered domestic calls.

If I sign up for a Prepaid daily or monthly plan, will I be charged for calling the CNMI?

No. You will only be charged for calls to the CNMI when you are on Pay-As-You-Go status.

When does my Prepaid number expire?

Your Prepaid number will expire 90 days after your load has been depleted. If you would like to continue to use our Prepaid service, you can add load and the 90 day extension will restart.

Is there a fee to extend my Prepaid number expiration?

No, there is no fee to extend your Prepaid number’s expiration.

If I am on a GTA Prepaid daily plan and I do not have enough load to cover the next day, what will happen?

Your prepaid service will be placed on Pay-As-You-Go status until you have enough load to cover the plan.

Will I be charged when I call the GTA Call Center?

No. When calling GTA at 644-4482, you will not be deducted.

I am on the $2.50 Per-Day plan, when will the daily amount be deducted from my load?

If you set your daily plan to auto-renew, you will be charged 24 hours from the time you activated that daily plan and will continue to renew at the time until you change your plan or run out of load.

I am currently on the $2.50/Day plan and would like to change to a $5-Days Unlimited plan; will the charges or minutes be pro-rated for the day?

If you are currently subscribed to a plan, you will have to wait until your current plan expires to change your plan. However, you will have the option to delete your plan before the expiration date so you can change your plan. Prepaid plan changes are not pro-rated. This applies to both daily and monthly plans.

I’m on a daily prepaid plan and I haven’t had any load in three days. What happens if I top up, will I be charged for those three days I did not have any load?

No, you will not be charged for the days you did not have any load.

As a GTA Prepaid customer will I be able to switch plans?

Yes. Every GTA Prepaid Plus customer will have the flexibility and freedom to switch plans using the following options:

IVR (*55) and Pop-up Menu Access (*488#)

24/7 (by dialing in and following the prompts)

GTA Web Selfcare

Utilize our 24/7 Call Center

(671) 644-4482 by calling in for assistance

Visit any of GTA’s Retail Stores

See a Customer Service Representative

What is the difference between 'One time' and 'Auto-Renew' on each plan and/or data add-on?

One Time: You only want to sign up for that plan/offer for the days mentioned or until you consume the bucket, whichever comes first.


If you are on a plan and have Auto Renew enabled, GTA will automatically apply the plan/data-add daily or monthly depending on which plan the customer is subscribed to.

Your GTA support

For assistance or to book an appointment in our stores, please contact us. We’re happy to assist you.

Store locations

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