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As a valued customer, we are excited to share this news with you. Due to a change in our offerings, you now can save up to $8.50 a month ($102 a year!) on your Home Internet services. All you need to do to take advantage of these savings is contact us.

The Details

When you signed up for only Home Internet services, the regulations at the time required that GTA also provide you with Emergency Line Services, which allow you to make outgoing calls to 911 and receive incoming calls. While GTA only charges $1.00 for this service, because it is a telephone service, we are also required to collect a Subscriber Line Charge fee ($6.50) and E911 fee ($1.00). This all together is $8.50 a month.

Due to a recent change in the regulations, you can now choose to cancel the Emergency Line Services and save $8.50 a month. Please keep in mind by doing so, we will remove the features available under these services such as outgoing calls to 911 and incoming calls. 

Subscriber Line Service: $6.50
Emergency Line Services: $1.00
Enhanced 911 (E911): $1.00
Total $8.50

How to Save

If you would like to save $8.50 a month, all you need to do is contact us and let us know you would like to cancel your Emergency Line Services. If you would like to keep the service, no action is necessary.

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