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Voicemail for business

Stay connected to your customers and prospects, and gain access to a powerful messaging communication tool when you are on the go. With GTA Voicemail for Business, you can retrieve messages anytime and anywhere—from your phone, email or online via our Voicemail Web Portal. 

With two voicemail options to choose from, we have a plan that fits your business needs. 

Basic Voicemail for business

Never miss an important business message with Basic Voicemail. This option provides your business with all the essential voicemail services 24/7, including options to listen, playback, delete and save messages, as well as customize your business greeting.

  • Listen, playback, delete and save messages

  • Customize your business greeting

Plan Cost/month
Basic Voicemail $10.00


Get the support you need

If you are struggling to get set-up with voicemail or need help with any aspects of the service, check out our reference and support guides. 

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Enhanced Voicemail for business

Looking for more voicemail features? Our Enhanced Voicemail for Business plan offers your business the same essential features as Basic Voicemail, plus the ability to program greetings when you are busy or away. What's more, gain the convenience of viewing and managing your voicemail messages online by logging in to our Online Web Portal.

  • Listen, playback, delete, and save messages.
  • Customize your business greeting.
  • Program away or extended out-of-office greetings.
  • View and manage voicemail messages online via our Online Web Portal.
  • Download voicemails to your computer, and save and listen to your messages anytime.
  • Receive alerts when you receive a new voicemail message. Choose to set up a text, email, or/and phone call alert.
  • Set up reminder messages so you never miss a task.
Plan Cost/month

Enhanced Voicemail





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