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Mobile voicemail

Never lose an enterprise connection with mobile voicemail

Remain connected with your customers, prospects, and partners even when you're unavailable. With our mobile voicemail service, you can greet your enterprise callers, retrieve important messages, and receive alerts when you have a new message waiting.

Check out our Basic Voicemail service

Stay in the loop with our Basic Voicemail service, at no extra charge. The Basic Voicemail service is included in all our mobile plans, and with it, you can:

Receive messages and new message alerts

Forward and store messages

Customize your greeting

Access and manage your messages by pressing and holding '1' on your device

Check out our Visual Voicemail for iPhone

Listen and manage your messages how you want, when you want with Visual Voicemail for iPhone, at no extra charge.

With GTA Visual Voicemail for iPhone, you can have messages delivered right to your iPhone in an email-like inbox.

You can also:

  • Customize your enterprise greeting

  • Receive important messages and new message alerts

  • Share messages by forwarding them as emails

  • Respond to messages by call-back, text message, or email

  • Gain a quick view of all your messages in your voice mailbox

  • Organize your voicemail messages by date and time

  • Easily retrieve deleted messages, stored for 30 days

  • Store up to 25 Visual Voicemail messages, at a maximum length of 3 minutes per message

  • Retain handy information like caller name and call back number, and save important enterprise numbers directly to your device contacts list

  • Select which messages you wish to play or delete, in whichever order you choose—right from the voicemail screen on your iPhone

Get the support you need

If you are struggling to get set-up with voicemail or need help with any aspects of the service, check out our reference and support guides. 

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Voicemail FAQs

Can I check and access my voicemail from any telephone?

Yes, you can access your messages from another wireless or landline phone by following these steps: 1. Dial your wireless mobile number 2. When you hear your greeting, press the star key (*) and enter your voicemail password

How do I set up my voicemail?

The first time you use your voicemail with your mobile phone, an automated attendant tutorial will assist you to set up your password and record your name and personal greeting. Once these are all set up, you can access your voicemail features.

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