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Long distance

Enable business accessibility with our long-distance plans

Wherever your business engagements are located, we want you to stay connected to them. Whatever your business long-distance communication needs are, we have a plan designed to meet your unique business requirements.

Direct dial

We want your business to never lose touch with your business engagements off-island. Enjoy the convenience of direct dialing to U.S. Mainland, Hawaii, and Alaska, with no minimum monthly billing required. Simply dial +1 + Area Code + Number to reach your business contacts swiftly.

What's more, you will also receive long-distance direct dial access at low rates to all your favorite locations.

Secure Connect

Control your business long-distance usage and gain peace of mind with Secure Connect, with no monthly and activation fee required.

With Secure Connect, you can control outgoing long-distance calls from your business to prevent fraud, and manage usage while maintaining the convenience of direct dial long-distance services.

With this feature, you can activate multiple Secure Connect users, with an individual unique pin code linked to the users' telephone number.

What's more, you will receive an itemized billing statement detailing your long-distance usage listed by the Secure Connect users you've programmed for your business.

This complimentary service is offered exclusively to GTA long-distance business subscribers.

With Secure Connect, you will enjoy:

  • Secured direct dial long-distance outgoing service with a four-digit pin code.

  • Manage and monitor usage with unique pin codes for multiple users.

  • Itemized call detail report separated by your Secure Connect users.

* Secure Connect is an added security feature for telephone lines PICd to GTA, and cannot be used as a calling card.

Long distance calling cards

Keep in touch with your prospects, customers, partners, and colleagues when you travel to the U.S. Mainland and beyond, with the GTA Global Connect Calling Card.  With this card, you can make long-distance calls worldwide by using a GTA Global Connect 10 digit authorization code + 4 digit PIN code. What's more, you enjoy no monthly fees and are billed upon usage only, to your GTA account.

If your business requires frequent travel, you may request for multiple Global Connect Calling Cards for you and your team. You can also easily track long-distance usage by user with our itemized billing.

Making long-distance business calls on island? The Global Connect Calling Card offers your business this convenience from any touch phone, billed to your GTA account at our Direct Dial service rates.

With the GTA Global Connect Calling Card, your business will enjoy:

  • Monthly call detail records

  • Local and world-wide access

  • Itemized billing statements for multiple accounts

  • Affordable long-distance rates

Terms and conditions apply.

GTA Talk Anywhere

Enjoy a more convenient way of managing your long-distance business calls with the *GTA Talk Anywhere Prepaid Cards, specifically for your long-distance calls. You can place long-distance calls from any touch phone on island to the U.S. Mainland, Alaska and Hawaii, and other international locations using a 10-digit card number.

Whats more, there are no long-term commitments or contracts. The pay-as-you-go feature of a prepaid calling call allows you to purchase minutes in advance, and use them whenever you want to make a call. Available in $5, $10, $20, and $50. 

Available at select stores island wide.

Not only does the GTA Talk Anywhere Prepaid Card provide your business with convenience and savings, but it can also be used as a great marketing tool especially if you're running a hotel, convenient store, or non-profit organization.

Here's how:

  • GTA Talk Anywhere Prepaid Cards can be branded with your company's logo or design. Promote your business or organization, increase customer awareness, and build loyalty. Click here to find out how.

  • Motivate and recognize your employees.

  • Add value to your business's promotional packages by rewarding your customers or by moving slow inventory

  • If you're running a hotel and offering the GTA Talk Anywhere Prepaid Cards to your guests, you may program a customized message upon each dial in informing users of your business's current promotions or special announcements.

Increase your revenues by partnering with GTA to resell our Talk Anywhere Prepaid Cards, whether you're a hotel, convenient store or non-profit organization. All resellers must complete a formal agreement with GTA before any orders are processed. Find out how you can be part of our reseller program by contacting one of our business advisors today.

Let's get your business connected

Calling card FAQs

What is the cost of the GTA Global Connect Calling Card?

There is no charge to obtain a GTA Global Connect Calling Card.

How can I get a GTA Global Connect Calling Card?

You may visit our Tumon office or MPULSE Store at the Agana Shopping Center and complete the application form.

Do the rates vary for using my GTA Global Connect Calling on-island and when traveling abroad?

Yes. If you are calling from Guam, you should dial the local access number 950-5555. Rates for calls made in International countries may vary. Please contact Customer Service or visit our website at for a listing of our Global Connect rates.

Terms and conditions

By utilizing the GTA Global Connect Calling Card, you (referred to as "Customer") must comply with all terms and conditions set forth below and are agreeable to pay for all charges, taxes, fees, and surcharges incurred, whether authorized or unauthorized.

  • "Customer" is responsible for safeguarding the Global Connect Calling Card number and PIN assigned.

  • Global Connect Calling Cards are not transferable. "Customer" may authorize usage to other individuals, but the payment responsibility for any charges incurred lies with the account holder.

  • Charges for the Global Connect Calling Card service varies according to call location and mode of calling and will be charged according to GTA's current Global Connect Calling Card rates, subjected to change without notice. Calls placed from payphones are subjected to a Public Payphone Surcharge.

  • "Customer" account may be subjected to a maximum monthly usage limit.

  • If GTA suspects fraudulent, abusive, or illegal use of "Customer" Global Calling Connect Card, GTA may suspend, restrict, or terminate your card without notice.

  • GTA reserves the right to deactivate "Customer" Global Connect Calling Card without further notice if your card remains inactive for a period of at least 12 months.

  • GTA reserves the right to verify "Customer" credit as a condition of activating service.

  • GTA reserves the right to collect a deposit from "Customer". Any deposit collected shall be returned upon termination of service and clearance of all outstanding invoices.

  • GTA reserves the right to disconnect service immediately without incurring liability in the following instances: 

    • For non-payment of any sum due to GTA for more than 30 days after service is rendered

    • For violations of this agreement or applicable law

    • Where required by reason of any order of a court, public service commission, or federal regulatory body

    • When necessitated by conditions beyond GTA's reasonable control

    • Where reasonably necessary to prevent harm or interference to GTA's network

    • For temporary routine maintenance

    • For excessive or high usage determined by GTA

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