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Handset Payment Option

Upgrade anytime with HPO

We know that you want full control over the phone and data plan you choose so you can enjoy your best digital life, wherever you are on the island.

With the GTA Handset Payment Option plan you choose when you want to upgrade to the latest handset and how much you want to pay each month.

You can set up with a HPO plan in three simple steps

Step 1: Choose your device 

Browse our wide range of Samsung, Apple and other devices to fine the phone that fits your needs and lifestyle. 

Step 2: Select your plan 

Our data plans are built with you in mind to ensure you get the most out of your phone and never miss a beat of island live. 



Video Quality

Tethering Speed
Not available

Domestic LD Minutes
Pay as you go

Roaming Data
Pay as you go

$55with HPO



Video Quality

Tethering Speed
Available, max 10Mbps

Domestic LD Minutes

Roaming Data
Pay as you go

$60with HPO



Video Quality

Tethering Speed
Available, max 25Mbps

Domestic LD Minutes

Roaming Data

$65with HPO

Plans without Auto Pay are subject to additional $5 charge.

Step 3: Choose your payment option

We want you to control how much you pay each month. That's why when you've chosen your dream phone you can choose to lower your monthly payment by increasing the amount you pay for your phone upfront. 

Get started with HPO

Whatever your lifestyle and communication needs we have a phone and plan for you. Find your next phone today and ensure you always stay connected with your friends and family.

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Handset Payment Option FAQs

Do I have to sign a contract?

No contract is required for the postpaid plan, but you will have to go on a handset agreement. This agreement is different from traditional two-year service contracts because you can upgrade after you complete 50% of the handset agreement with a qualified trade-in with your existing smartphone. In the event that you cancel your handset agreement, you will not be charged a penalty fee, but you will have to pay off the remaining balance of your HPO smartphone in full, and your HPO plan discount will be forfeited.

How can I reduce my monthly bill with HPO?

With HPO, you can pay up to $500 upfront at time of signup and reduce your monthly handset bill. You can also enjoy discounts on our latest pay monthly plans. There are no additional fees or finance charges when you upgrade your phone after completing 50% of your Handset Agreement. No further installments are billed for the smartphone traded in.

How and when can I upgrade?

You can upgrade to a new smartphone after completing 50% of your Handset Agreement. Trade-in must comply with our HPO program, and your account must be in good standing, with no outstanding balance. Upon trade-in, you will start a new 24-month handset agreement with the new phone and no upgrade fee.

Can I sign up for more than one HPO Agreement?

You can sign up for a maximum of four handset agreements.

Is there a minimum plan requirement?

Yes. The minimum plan required is the Start Unlimited Plan.

Terms and conditions

Conditions may apply. Customer may be required to provide a security deposit and pay an activation fee. Eligible postpaid plan required. Upgrades can be done only once half of the HPO Agreement has been paid. If service is canceled, the remaining balance on the device is immediately due. 

Customer is subject to GTA's Product Terms & Conditions and Wireless Data Fair Usage Policy. GTA has the right to impose reduced speeds during times of network congestion. Other conditions may apply. 

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