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Wireless Business Internet

We start by providing businesses new possibilities of up to 100Mbps connectivity with our high-speed bandwidth, better latency, performance, and reliable internet. 

Available Areas

  • Marianas Terrace & Upi (Yigo)
  • Macheche (Dededo)
  • Sånta Rita - Sumai
  • Southern Agat
  • Ipan
  • Inalåhan
  • Malojloj
  • Nimitz Estates
  • Pigua (Malesso’)
  • Anigua (Bell Tower)
  • Baza Gardens (Yona)


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Plans designed for you

Mbps download

Sharing large files
Video conferencing
Using point-of-sale software

Up to 5 Mbps upload

5+ users

per month

Mbps download

Sharing large files
Backing up data
Remote working and collaboration

Up to 10 Mbps upload

10+ users

per month

Mbps download

Sharing large files
Backing up data
Web hosting

Up to 10 Mbps upload

12+ users

per month

Why GTA Wireless Business Internet?

A network you can trust

We start with your business in mind, to constantly evolve and modernize our network infrastructure so connections are faster, seamless and secured for today’s digital world.

Work the way you want

We want you to work and collaborate without limits anytime and anywhere, with the connectivity you need to power your enterprise productivity.


We have invested over $70 million in our networks over the past four years—with no plans to stop—to consistently deliver a world-class experience to the enterprises of Guam.

Tailored to your ambition and scale

Whatever your ambition and scale, and however you need to connect with your customers and prospects, GTA provides a full range of services specifically tailored to the needs of your island-based enterprise.

Let's get your business connected


What is Wireless Business Internet?

Wireless Business Internet delivers a solution for internet access over the GTA network providing high speeds, reliable and strong connections.

What equipment will I need in order to get Wireless Business Internet?

GTA will equip you with all the necessary equipment needed to connect your business internet to GTA’s wireless network. Our expert installer finds the best place at your business for your outdoor antenna and indoor Wi-Fi router to help set you up with the strongest and most reliable signal.

What online activities can I do on Wireless Business Internet?

Wireless Business Internet supports standard internet activities such as web browsing, checking email, sharing small files, video conferencing, remote working and collaboration, using point-of-sale software, backing up data, and web hosting.

Does weather affect service?

Wireless Business Internet relies on a wireless signal between your business and a nearby cell tower. Many things can affect the availability and quality of your service, including network capacity, terrain, buildings and weather. Typically it endures harsh weather conditions and natural disasters, however it is the first choice for rapid deployment when communications are needed fast.

How long does it take to get Wireless Business Internet service?

Wireless Business Internet service is available for installation within 3 to 5 business days. The installation usually takes about 2 ½ hours.

If I relocate my business, can I take Wireless Business Internet with me?

If you are moving, please contact 671-644-1000 to find out if services are available at your new business address. For your safety, please do not attempt to remove the Wireless Business Internet outdoor equipment.

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