Tamuning, Guam- Friday, April 23, 2020 - The Guam Memorial Hospital Authority is the core Hospital on Guam caring for COVID-19 infected patients. GMHA sought assistance in efforts to help their patients in isolation have the ability for ‘face to face’ communications with physicians and nursing care takers.

To keep patients connected during these unprecedented times, GTA provided 27 iPad Airs to GMHA so patients in isolation can have access to care using the latest technology to diagnose and treat, while limiting the risk of further exposing others to the novel coronavirus.

“Thank you for the tablet donation. This will certainly go a long way for GMHA to use for COVID-19 Isolation Patients to communicate via zoom or skype with their family members and all the GMH teams to support them with direct telecommunications for their care,” states GMHA Technology staffer.

Due to the nature of the virus, isolation is required to contain the spread. Those in quarantine are separated from their families and physical contact is limited. The tablets not only provide connections for health providers; they are lifelines that connect families to the patients.

GTA President, Roland Certeza states, “It wasn’t even a question that we answer this call to help those in isolation. We cannot imagine the anxiety of being alone without your loved ones around. Our prayers and support go out to the patients and their families.