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Additional features and services

Enjoy more for less with our affordable additional services and features

Personalize your home phone with features tailored to you and your family.

Check out our Premium calling features at $2.50 a month each.

Premium calling features


Call return

Now you can find out whose call you missed with call return. This gives you the ability to return the last incoming call. 

Incoming call block

This feature prevents calls from specific phone numbers by placing those numbers on a call block list.

Priority ring

You can find out who's calling even before you head to the phone. Priority ring gives you the ability to assign ring tones to different callers so you know who it is as soon as the phone rings.

Incoming call acceptance

This feature allows you to program a list of 10 telephone numbers from people you want to hear from. Calls received from numbers not included in your list will be blocked.

Repeat dialing

Redial the last number you called until the receiver responds. This makes calling someone who has a busy signal quick and easy. 

Select call forwarding

Pick who you want to reach you at a forwarded number, and let all other calls ring to your regular phone line. 

Anonymous call block

With anonymous call block, you can prevent anonymous numbers from reaching you. You can also give anonymous users the option of ringing your phone by "revealing their identity." They must enter their phone number, which will then show up on your Caller ID display.

Long-distance alert

Know where your call is originating from with long-distance alert.

Caller ID

Caller ID may be used to display a caller's telephone number on your telephone.

Enjoy a combination of any 2 to 5 premium calling features at a special monthly discounted rate.


Wake-up call service

Rest assured that you will never miss an important moment with our wake-up-call service at $2.00 a call.

Stretch your communication dollars with our Feature Value Pack

Our Feature Value Pack is a money-saving residential package that gives you peace of mind and control over your communication at home.

With this package, you can enjoy:

  • Call waiting

  • Three-way calling

  • Incoming-call block

  • Standard voicemail



Feature Value Pack

$5.00 + One-off cost of $27.50*

30-Day Free Trial Offer

*One-off cost includes required Secondary Service Order and feature installation charges.

Protect yourself from the unexpected with Inside Wiring Insurance

Problems with your home’s telephone wiring can result in unexpected repair costs. It’s never too late to protect yourself and your telephone wiring, which keeps you in touch with those that matter most.

Inside Wire Insurance offers peace of mind by covering repair charges for standard inside telephone wiring and inside jacks due to regular wear and tear and accidental damage.

Inside Wiring


Residential (up to three jacks)


Business (up to three jacks)


If you encounter any issues, please dial 644-4GTA (4482) or 611 to schedule a visit with one of our qualified technicians.


What is covered:

  • Repair of inside telephone wiring and jacks for customary voice transmissions where there is no service due to wear and tear or accidental damage from regular use. Please note that replacement is at the discretion of GTA.

  • Telephone wiring and jacks must be active under the subscriber’s name at the time Inside Wire Insurance was purchased.

  • A diagnostic service, identifying the source of a problem to the client's terminal equipment  such phone, fax, modem, cordless phones, etc.

  • Customers without a self-test jack-ended demarcation device will have a self-test jack installed, and be covered for the cost of the diagnostic service, and repair of jacks and inside wire due to accidental damage.


What is not covered:

  • Quality of Local Line reception—i.e., static, humming, echo, etc. There must be no service or dial tone.

  • Wiring between buildings and non-telephone wiring (e.g., electrical, cable TV, alarm system, audio, intercom, etc.).

  • Repair of inside wire or jacks that do not meet industry standards for telecommunication.

  • Pre-existing malfunctions known to the client.

  • Repair of inside telephone wire and jacks due to intentional damage, vandalism, or any natural disaster, including fire, flood, lightning strikes, and typhoons.

  • New installations, rearrangements or reconfigurations of inside telephone wiring and jacks.

  • Excessive repair requests, as may be reasonably determined by GTA.

  • Repair or replacement of inside telephone wire and jacks due to errors on data transmission. Service applies to voice grade telephone service only.

  • If you are an existing service subscriber requesting coverage from the Inside Wiring Insurance plan, the plan will not become effective until 30 days after the date the plan is ordered.

Inside Wire Insurance is provided on a month-to-month basis and can be cancelled by either party giving oral or written notice to the other.

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