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Digital TV

Your digital TV experience

Amplify your leisure moments with higher-resolution pictures that are sharper and clearer, and gain access to a wider range of channels with digital TV.

With digital TV you can

  • Enjoy higher-resolution pictures that are sharper and clearer

  • Gain access to various packages including 50+ music channels

  • Stay entertained with the highest number of HD channels, international programming, and TV Everywhere on island

  • Enjoy our popular premium channels

  • Receive a Whole-Home DVR (WHDVR) exclusively available at GTA

  • Obtain an easy-to-use interactive guide

  • Gain peace of mind with parental controls

Explore our range of digital TV services

Digital TV packages

Keep you and your family entertained with our range of TV channel packages and add-on services. 

TV Everywhere

However and wherever you choose to watch your favorite shows we've got your covered.

TV on Demand

Watch your favorite programs with our wide range of on demand subscription TV services. 

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Video on Demand

Enjoy the perfect night in with our wide selection of hit films from the world of cinema.

Why GTA for digital TV?

Amplify your leisure moments

Enhance your TV experience with quality viewing, so you can enjoy the shows you love with friends and family.

Live your best digital life

Access your favorite shows anytime, anywhere. Stream your favorite TV shows on your internet-enables device with our complimentary TV Anywhere service.

Meeting your entertainment needs

GTA digital TV experience offers you and your family access to over 140 channels, on-demand shows and movies, and international programming.

Designed with you in mind

Our digital packages are built with you in mind, to suit every pocket and lifestyle needs.

Digital TV FAQs

What is GTA Digital TV?

GTA Digital TV is a 100% IP-based TV service delivering the latest in entertainment. GTA Digital TV has an extensive channel lineup with more than 200 digital channels as well as exciting optional features such as HDTV channels and Digital Video Recorder service

I already have service with the cable TV company. Why should I switch?

There are many reasons to switch. GTA Digital TV is 100% digital quality, which means clearer picture and sound on all channels. The Guam cable TV company does not provide you with 100% digital programming because some channels are still delivered in analog format.

Do I have to purchase a new digital television to receive GTA Digital TV?

No. One of the benefits of a digital set-top box is that it converts a digital signal to accommodate your current TV. Because of this feature, you will be able to enjoy many more years of service from your current television, without having to buy an expensive digital TV.

How will I know when Digital TV is available to other areas?

GTA Digital TV will be available to select serving areas. Contact GTA to find out if your home is eligible.

Am I limited to the number of TVs I can set up?

You can have up to 5 TVs connected.

What is High Definition (HD)?

High Definition (HD) is the newest standard in television viewing. HD TV delivers brilliant, high-resolution images in a widescreen format. With 10 times the resolution of standard definition (SD) TV, you will see more details compared to analog television.

What do I need to experience GTA Digital TV HD?

In order to use HD service, you must have a High Definition TV, Set-Top Box, and a subscription to Choice Expanded Digital TV service. All our GTA Digital TV set top boxes provide Standard and HD functionality. There is no extra charge for a HD-ready set top box.

How many HD enabled TVs can I have?

You can rent up to 5 Set-Top Boxes (only one of which can be enabled for HD). The other 4 boxes will is support Standard Definition channels.

How many HD channels do I receive?

You can access up to 35 HD channels and growing. GTA Digital TV HD Service provides a comprehensive HD Channel Lineup that includes your favorite sports, events, and movies in HD quality picture and sound. HD channel availability varies by package(s) selected. You must subscribe to a standard-definition Premium Channel to receive the HD version.

How many hours of programming can I store in my DVR?

The total number of recording hours will depend on the mix of SD (standard-definition) or HD (high-definition) programs you have recorded. On average you can store up to 23 hours of HD programming and up to 100 hours of SD programming. You can always see how much space you have left by checking storage space in the PVR menu.

How many channels can I watch and record at the same time?

You can watch one program while recording another at the same time.

Is digital TV available in all areas?

Unfortunately, digital TV is not available in all areas. Please contact GTA to find out.

What does digital TV not include?

All prices do not include other applicable charges such as: equipment, installation, taxes, fees, and surcharges.

What is the Broadcast TV surcharge?

Federal law allows local U.S. broadcast television stations (i.e., affiliates of networks such as CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, etc.) to negotiate with cable and satellite providers in order to obtain "consent" to carry their broadcast signals (Cable Television Consumer Protection and Competition Act of 1992). These local TV signals were historically made available to us at no cost or low cost. However, the increase in re-transmission fees required by local broadcast TV stations, on top of the increase in fees required by network corporations, has necessitated that we pass these costs on to our customers.

Does GTA offer accessibility accommodations due to visual impairments?

If you would like to request for accessibility accommodations due to visual impairments, please contact Jeremy Young at 644-0180 or

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